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The findings on the pressure distribution under conical piles has increased the interest in the stress distributions in static granular packings.

Since stresses inside granular systems are very difficult to access experimentally, we have performed DEM (Discret Element Model) simulations with polygonal particles. The shape and size of the particles can be specified arbitrarily in the simulation; the influence of these parameters can be determined.

A layer of a granulate is investigated. A firmly defined force is exerted on this bed with the help of a punch. The simulation allows to determine stresses in the interior as well as pressure distributions on the walls and the change of the force network.

The magnitude of the force acting on the punch is varied and the influence of the punch geometry (flat, spherical, pointed) on identical arrangements is investigated.  

Alexander Schinner
Klaus Kassner
Frühjahrstagung der DPG
Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
Münster, Germany

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